InnerVision Therapy
  • Counseling, Gestalt, Client Centered, Family, Individual

   Counseling in metaphysics, near-death experiences, death and dying, out-of-body experiences, fears and phobias, depression, expression, anxiety, habit control, weight management, inner child work, dreams, stress, memory recall, awaken to your creativity, focusing on inner peace  

Hypnotherapy, past life regression, depression, anxiety, fears and phobias, habit control, weight management, inner child work, unimpeded healing, relaxation and clear mind at any time, de-stress, get in touch with your creativity, memory recall, become more productive, study or test anxiety, learn to see challenges as fun instead of as a burden, express higher levels of intuition, express higher reasoning, learn to use your dream state, healing through time, make your affirmations work for you, achieve self mastery

Reiki is a non-invasive hands on therapeutic energy transference of vital universal life force energy that is there for us to use for our highest good and potential. Alignment and opening of the spirit centers in the body allows balance in the energy field, mind and body for clarity and focus, to allow energy to flow freely to the mental and emotional bodies creates health and well-being (since stress is also energy) Reiki transforms stress into useable energy and reminds the nature of the bodies innate intelligence to work for you.

Dream works offers the abilities we use to create health, healing, and success, if there is conscious awareness and understanding that more levels of consciousness are readily available to us at all times we would use the most of our mental tools to our advantage.  

New! Seth readers  group, 1st Sunday of the month 1:00~4:00p.m. Seth material series, authors Jane Roberts and Robert Butts

 Classes  Metaphysics, Self hypnosis, Meditation