InnerVision Therapy
  • This a non-denominational website, we acknowledge all faiths
  • Certified hypnotherapist/counselor
  • Reiki practitioner
  • Doctor of metaphysics 
  • Minister of metaphysics
  •  Masters degree in religion
  • Near-death experiencer
  • 25 years meditation practice/instructor 
  • Dream interpretation/instructor
  • Lucid dreaming practice/instructor
  • Out-of-body experiencer/experiences
  • Creativity/creative thinking
  • 35 Years metaphysical practice/instructor
  • Death and dying counseling

   Our goal is to help others with their journey in life to create inner peace and clear focus for success in everyday experiences and spiritual achievement. We all have at one time or another experiences we can't explain or understand, that does not mean we are wrong or the experiences are not valid and doesn't have an explanation, it is often a piece of the puzzle to understand that the inner journey is the free passage to peace and freedom, perhaps another time or a future possibility. All of us at one time or another have questions about our mortality and what comes next, most of us believe there is life after life but are not sure of our immortality. InnerVision Therapy offers insights that allow you to see beyond the usual limitation of our reality, to bridge states of mind that enable you to investigate possibilities that are within your grasp and understanding life beyound life, and when the time comes all of us have the thoughts of wanting to cross over to that next life in a peaceful seamless motion, rather we believe there is anther life after or not or even the possibility of heaven. Self mastery is a choice and a way of life, lucid dreaming, meditation, hypnotherapy, counseling, Reiki, clairvoyance are some of the tools in this day and age to use to become aware that there is more and knowing leads to a more peaceful mind. We are recreating ourselves everyday, why not recreate yourself into what you dream of being?  World peace starts with inner peace.