InnerVision Therapy

Helping Others to Help Themselves in the Interest of Inner Peace, World Peace, Health, Success and Spiritual Achievement

InnerVision Therapy

    InnerVision Therapy supports the belief that each individual has his/her own dreams and answers. We support changes that raise the levels of vibration in the mind and body that help transform you into the person you dream of being. In today's fast paced world with extreme changes, it is good to know you have inner tools and resources for healing, joy and success. We are coming into an age of understanding and knowing in a depth like no other time, we are coming into our own personal empowerment and at times the journey can be alittle bumpy, we all need to focus on our creativity to become self aware and rely on our own answers and dreams, and start rejecting the belief that we can not trust in our dreams and ourselves. 

 Every goal has a path of its own, when problems arise it is usually because of the method and not the intention. Hypnotherapy, Counseling, Reiki, Dream work, metaphysics and Meditation are methods we offer to create a peaceful inner journey connecting to answers and dreams that unlock your potential to accomplish your goals. Physical health and success are about knowing and choosing possibilities. We are spirit beings having a human experience. When we allow ourselves to go just below the surface mind and expand our conscious awareness we experience and learn to use clarity of mind, intuition, clairvoyance, dream recall, psychic experiences and creativity. To further develop these states of mind, it takes learning to journey inward and diving into what we call the subconscious part of our being. Our subconscious mind is rich with dreams, answers, solutions, creativity, choices, pathways, custom directions for our lives. All  of us has all the abilities needed to accomplish any gaol or dream. We need to use more of our gifts to project ourselves into a future we all can be happy with, this is what dreams are for.

 Creativity is one of our greatest gifts and with the psychic tools that each person has "peace and success are possible. Psychic Mind: that which is working when one receives psychic impulses. Psychic mind is at work when one sleeps or dreams. One's direct link with the inner self, the universe, god or all that is. It is imperative to create peace within ourselves in order for world peace to expand. To choose our gifts of greater awareness is to choose a successful healthier life and naturally a healthier earth will follow. Making a difference is part of our purpose and within everyone's dreams, rather it be making a difference in our own lives or in someone else's, what ever the case maybe it is making a difference in the world. The world is only as conscious as its individuals, the more conscious, the more compassion we will experience.